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Effective teamwork is important at any business, but can be especially critical at a smaller business, where the success and accomplishments of work teams can have major consequences on the overall operation.


White Paper – How to Avoid the Seven Biggest Team-Building Blunders

Profiles International’s white paper, “How to Avoid the Seven Biggest Team‐Building Blunders,” explores the seven roadblocks that may be stopping you from building and managing effective teams!

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Team Challenges

At a small business, employees may have regular daily interactions with most (if not all) of their co-workers, and may have been required to work closely alongside various other employees on a routine basis. This can be both good and bad. It can allow employees to develop workplace friendships and form a positive bond, while at the same time it can provide ample opportunity for conflicts and interoffice competition.

In this environment, one of the biggest challenges may be to help workers find ways to overcome any previous or existing conflicts, and develop strategies to work together in a positive and productive way despite any differences of opinion or communication obstacles.

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Profiles International offers a number of solutions to help enable possible working relationships within work teams. Data compiled by the ProfileXT® can help managers and team leaders plan the best strategy for helping their employees work together effectively as a team. We also offer a variety of other team-building tools and resources to help support your work teams and the people who manage them.

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