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Business leaders need reliable tools to provide information about how to be successful by doing the right things, the right way. It is impossible to know the right way without having the right information and a customized roadmap to get you there.

Eight Signs of Incompetent Managers

Eight Signs of Incompetent Managers

Learn more about reliable leadership evaluation tools to help managers become successful.

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360° Feedback Systems

Developing interpersonal skills and fine-tuning management methods have a tremendous impact on an organization’s productivity.

How a 360° System Works

The Checkpoint 360°™ surveys 70 specific job skills, which fall into eight universal management and leadership competencies and 18 skill sets.

Multi-rater feedback surveys are completed by managers, their bosses, their peers, and the people who report to them.

The data are compiled into thorough and concise reports for managers to see how their job performance is evaluated by the full circle of people who observe it. Checkpoint 360°™ reports include recommendations for professional development to enhance each manager’s job performance

To learn more about Profiles International's leadership evaluation solutions, including coaching and skill development, please contact us.

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