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Studies show the primary reason employees leave a company is because of a workforce conflict with their superior. A faulty relationship between a manager and an employee often causes low productivity, low morale, and results in high employee turnover. Creating a conflict management strategy prevents unnecessary turnover and can improve the livelihood of your business.

Leaderís Guide to Managing Workplace Fraud, Theft and Violence

Leader’s Guide to Managing Workplace Fraud, Theft and Violence

Communicate effectively to reduce conflict.

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The Importance of Effective Communication

Most people believe that workplace conflicts are simply differences of opinion, but they are actually about differences in work style. Effective communication is based on knowledge and understanding the core characteristics of the manger and employee, and how to make their styles fit together.

Profiles International offers solutions to prevent workplace conflict and implement a conflict management strategy in your business.

Profiles conflict management tools help:

Implement a conflict management strategy and prevent workplace conflict from escalating and making a negative impact on your organization.

To learn more about Profiles International's employment assessment solutions that help organizations develop a conflict management strategy, please contact us.

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